Dental Facts

  • Latest figures show that in 2011, there were 6,767 people diagnosed with mouth cancer in the UK, that's 18 people every day – one person diagnosed every 77 minutes
  • Two thirds of mouth cancer cases are linked to smoking tobacco and a morning cigarette doubles the chances of developing the disease. Smokers put themselves at almost three times higher risk…but cigars and pipe smokers put themselves at greater risk
  • Those who smoke and drink to excess put themselves at risk by up to 30 times
  • Mouth cancer is 2.5 times higher in those with periodontal disease…and is 60 times higher in people with six or more missing teeth
  • Tooth decay remains the most common reason why five-to-nine-year-olds are admitted to hospital with nearly 26,000 children, admitted to hospital in England in 2013-14, up 14% from 2011
  • The colour yellow makes us smile the most, whereas purple makes us smile the least
  • Chocolate comes top of the foods that make us smile the most, followed then by Sunday roast, a curry and a fry-up
  • When seeking a new partner, a smile is top of the most sought after physical attributes, beating body shape, dress sense and eyes
  • Everyone's set of teeth are unique to them, just as fingerprints are. Even identical twins can be told apart from their teeth
  • The average woman smiles 62 times a day. Men only manage 8 smiles a day
  • In ancient Greece, donkeys' milk was used as a mouthwash – it was believed to strengthen the gums and teeth
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